October 4, 2010

Brazilian Blowout Scandal Update

Brazilian Blowout has come under fire since the Oregon OSHA tested their solution as said it contains formaldehyde. Brazilian Blowout came out this year with a new solution that they claimed does not contain formaldehyde or any "hyde" type ingredients.  I was shocked to hear anything different, but reserved judgment until I heard from Brazilian Blowout. Here is what they said today

Official Statement from Brazilian Blowout


As the investigation of the OSHA claim continues, Brazilian Blowout is pleased to announce that the manufacturer of the Brazilian Blowout Professional Solution, Cadiveu, stands behind the integrity of its products citing that "recent independent lab tests, conducted by Cadiveu's US division, again confirm that this professional solution does not contain formaldehyde."

We will continue to release updates on the investigation as they become available.
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