September 20, 2010

What's in a Foil?

Over the summer I completed a 6 week color program called Red Chocolate. The color portion was taught by the color master David Adams. To say I learned a few things about being a better colorist would be an understatement-It pretty much rocked my world and then some.
We did a class on foiling and talked about what's in the foil. I though you all might find it interesting that you can have more than just traditional weaved highlights in there. So do you know what your colorist is putting in your foils?
Slices-similar to traditional highlights can be a little to much bolder effect depending on the thickness of slice
Color melting-where 2-3 colors "melt" into each other so you can see where they begin or end. This is one way of doing the gradient or ombré color that is super hot right now
Singles-good for curly hair a small section is placed into the foil in a more random pattern
Tips-also good for curly hair hair-the mid length is backcombed so that just the ends get the color
Diffused Highlights-similar to tips-hair at scalp is backcombed and mid length and ends are colored

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