February 23, 2010

Brazilian Blowout is on!

Here is a link to the Brazilian Blowout I did on fellow Denver blogger Jaime. Her hair came out simply amazing! I'm now taking appointments for them in the salon. Come see me for frizz free hair!

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February 8, 2010

Shear Genius 3-Episode1

My thoughts on the new season of Shear Genius
Matthew saying "google me"= VOM. I worked for Matthew right out of beauty school and 4 months in he quit/got fired by Charlie. He's not a bad hairdresser I just think he is a lot of smoke and mirrors-we'll see

Brig sweetie if you are going to rock a swim suit maybe a little spray tan-white skin shows all the flaws darlin

Janine was as cute as I thought she would be (I follow her salon on twitter) and I loved her runway hair-nice work little lady

Jon made me puke in my mouth a bit. Hate straight male hairdressers who think they are gods gift to women because they can do some hair-whatev!

Amy eh we'll have to wait and see

Adee- don't be such a drama king alright-No need to throw and kick shit

Everyone else slid under the radar so I will wait and see if their are any stand outs this week. I'm making my prediction for the final 3 right now


My good friend Charlie Price sent me a link his recap and well I pretty much agree with him. Here is the recap linky for his on Blogging Bravo. Enjoy!

February 7, 2010

Brazilian Blowout

I'm so excited-we are finally getting Brazilian Blowout at my salon. I've been researching and learning about it for the last several months and I'm in love. Our starter kit should be here Tuesday! I'm going to practice a couple and then it will be on my service menu. Who needs a Brazilian Blowout? Give me a call!
Check out this video to see what it's all about

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February 1, 2010

Make up by Janelle Geason

Had a make up class with 2 time NAHA winner Janelle Geason. We had a really fun day and she did my make up for the class.