April 30, 2009

Who is your favorite celeb for hairstyles?

I have a few that I usually google when I'm looking for good styles. Gisele is always a good one for curls. And I'm a fan of Jennifer Aniston's everyday look. So who is your favorite?
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April 27, 2009

Kevin Murphy Products

Not so very long ago I was a die hard Aveda addict. I used Aveda almost exclusively for about 15 years. That was until my salon owner, Charlie, left the world of an Aveda platform artist to go solo. It was a very sad day for me when I walked into the salon and no longer saw my coveted Aveda products lining our walls. We got a few other product lines in and they were fine but, they were just not my Aveda. I was still in mourning until the day Kevin Murphy products entered my salon. Sleek cool packaging and smells very reminiscent of my beloved Aveda. Hmmmm I thought this could be a good thing, but I've been fooled by good looks and smell before *cough* most of my 20-something dating life *cough* So I gave the new products a whirl. I was SHOCKED at how much I loved it. Everything did what it claimed. Anti Gravity weightless volumiser was, well weightless volume. Motion Lotion curl enhancing cream gave me some of the best beachy curl I've ever had. The list goes on and on. Finally I've found my new love affair and it's awesome! This product line is developed by Australian hairdresser, Kevin Murphy and not by some corporate people who think we want to smell like cotton candy. I love that. It's sold only in salons which I love as well because I get to prescribe it to my clients and know they are buying the right product for their hair type.

I have a few samples of the Anti Gravity to give away. Leave a comment (make sure you leave your email) and I will pick the winners next Tuesday, May 5th.

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April 22, 2009

Earth Day 2009

All the cool kids are posting fab eco friendly beauty products today, but I'm going to post my favorite thing for the environment-Cloth Diapers. Yes that's right I cloth diaper!

The Bum Genius 3.0 pocket diapers are sooooo easy to use. Velcro tabs make them just as easy as disposals!

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April 21, 2009

What? No Jaclyn Smith

Bravo gave her the cut for season 3 of Shear Genius and now Matthew McConaughey's baby mama is hosting. What? How on earth did she get that gig?

"Get your scissors sharpened and brush up on your layering techniques, Shear Genius fans, Season 3 is on its way with new host Camila Alves.

The Bravo show, which pits wannabe hair stylists against each other in the salon for a $100,000 prize, was hosted by Jaclyn Smith in the past.

Camila will take on her new hosting duties in the upcoming season, and will be assisted by judges Kim Vo and reality show veteran Jonathan Antin. Jonathan starred on his own show, Blow Out, which revolved around daily life in his salons in L.A. He’s also the brother of Pussycat Dolls’ founder Robin Antin.

Maybe Levi’s daddy Matthew McConaughey will stop by with that mane of golden curls for a touch-up! Tune in this season to find out!"

[From OK! Magazine]

And gag that Jonathan Antin is joining the crew. How many times do you think we will see him cry on camera? Maybe they can show him a barcode or two to turn on those water works. First you lose Project Runway now this. BRAVO what the hell are you guys doing over there? Oh well, I'll still watch what happens :)

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Rock On-More Rock Hair

This is a pretty good tutorial on how to make a faux-hawk.

I disagree with her in that you shouldn't brush it out before showering. I totally think you should brush it out before you wash it.
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Fun Haircolor-No Commitment Required

If you've ever wanted to try a fun haircolor (like pink or blue), but don't want to commit to it, then today's post is for you! The down side is that you have to already have light hair (sorry dark haired girls). You just need some pigment eye shadow (even regular eyeshadow will work).

If you have long hair like me then I suggest you put the pigment eyeshadow right on your hair (beware its kinda messy) and just rub it in. If you have short hair then you can mix it into your styling product. I liked the way it mixed into Being Rubber by Rusk and Sticky Business by Kevin Murphy. I tried the mixed into product stuff on my hair and it didn't really work on long hair. There you go fun haircolor that washes out the next time you shampoo!
Here is the pigment eyeshadow I mixed into different products

April 16, 2009

Drew Barrymore's Look on Letterman

Did you all see her on Letterman last night? Ah, she looked FABULOUS!

Here are a few tips to get her look.
1. Start with dry hair (yes, dry hair)
2. Use a wet hairspray like Aveda's Firmata spray all over the front of your head back to the crown (the portion that is going to be slicked back)-using a generous amount of hairspray.
3. Take a fine tooth comb, comb the hair back into a ponytail-spray some more.
4. Braid the ponytail and then wrap around into a bun
5. Secure the bun with bobby pins or hair pins

April 14, 2009

Sulfates the new BPA?

The latest trend in hair products is sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners. Although, most conditioners don't use sulfates so I'm not sure why you need a sulfate-free one. I wondered if this was just another marketing scheme to scare people into buying new products-or if sulfates were the new BPA (you know those bad water bottles of last year)? After a little research and tweeting with my friends at The Beauty Brains, I've come to the conclusion that it's just HYPE. Why? Sulfates are what make our shampoo's (and body washes) foam up so you can get that nice lather. Also, sulfates break down the dirt and oil in the hair. That's all they are. They don't strip the color out any faster than their sulfate-free counterparts. However, sulfate-free are less drying so if you have super dry skin/scalp you might benefit from them. To read more on what kind of sulfates are in shampoo's read here and here. I think both these explain it very well. For those who think they cause cancer: wrong (they might just give you "the runs" if ingested). Read here for more on this. So my dear readers what do you think?

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April 12, 2009

What did I tell you?

Several weeks ago I wrote about flatiron addiction and today when I catching up with some of my favorite blogs I found an this article on Bellasugar. It's from the American Academy of Dermatologists. Do trust your friendly Hair Girl here, I won't steer you wrong.

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April 9, 2009

Bangers and Fringe

It has come to my attention that some think bangs are dated. So today I'm doing an entire post just on Bangs (or fringe, as some call them). Love them or hate them, fringe is here to stay. And as various celebs hack off the hair around their faces the trend is only going to grow bigger not smaller. Now to the pics

Recent long bangers JLo

and Beyonce

Fierce shortie bangs Ms. Aguilera

and Gisele

Blunt fringe Lady Gaga

and Jessica Alba

There you have it. The fringe is in so if you don't trust me maybe you might trust these ladies!

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April 7, 2009

5 Reason Why Buying Professional Hair Products at Drugstores or Target is Bad

1. Products could be stolen-and who wants to buy "hot" hair products?

2. Products could be counterfeit-just like fake handbags are no good, neither are fake hair products

3. Products could be tampered with and possibly contaminated with bacteria-There were some Paul Mitchell products back in 2003 that were counterfeit and crawling with bacteria. When they tested them the bacteria were too many to name. YUCK!

4. They cost more,sometimes up to 50% more-and in these times who wants to spend more money?

5. While it's kind of legal it really is the hair care industry's black market- do you want to support a black market? I know I sure don't!

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April 4, 2009

The Rectification of Hair Wreck 2009

"The haircut actually looks better in person than in the photos. Overall, I'm happy with it. The heavy bangs she cut on Monday don't go too well with the new length, so I'll have to work on those. If I pull them down in front it really gives the hairstyle a "mom" look.

I included a shot of the left side she butchered so badly. He did a good job blending it in. Thanks to Shane Perryman at Salon NV!"

Now for the photos

And my faith in other Hairdressers is renewed! Thanks Shane.
Shane is accepting new clients in SLC so look him up!

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