February 17, 2009

Wedding Updo's

So wedding season is just about to start and the ugly updo are about to begin. Why is it that women getting married think they need some crazy loop-d-loop updo thing reminiscent of some super ugly prom hair. Isn't the purpose of having professionals do your hair and make up is to look like you, just better? So to brides everywhere I beg of you please don't bring your stylist some craptastic hair do you found on google. Let them work their magic on creating a one of a kind beautiful hairstyle for you. And to hairstylists everywhere please for the love of god stop making these crazy origami updo's! They are some serious fug and never flatter the bride anyway.

This picture is from a friend and yes she paid someone to do this!

A quick google search yielded these jems

What is with this lattice work in the back? Were they building a patio cover or a hairstyle?

This one takes some skill, but what is with all the showing pins?

I have no words.....


  1. Would you please post some good wedding hair styles?