November 16, 2009

Hair Treatments

Well, you learn something new everyday right?

Today I was in a basic Aveda education class where for two days we are going over all the Aveda products. This afternoon happened to be haircare. Our educator was going over the different hair treatments and she gave us this little nugget of advice. Don't do your treatments once a week do them every five washes. Profound for those of us who are not washing our hair daily! If you are a daily washer (and you should not be-read why here) then once a week is fine. But if you are like me, and only wash a couple of times a week, then to do a deep conditioner one of those times might be too much. And for my fine haired friends that is WAY too much. So my friends I take back my earlier statement that you should deep condition once per week. Change that to once every five washes.
Happy Conditioning,

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  1. i was just reading your entry about not washing daily. i'm one of those who workout daily and end up washing and styling my short hair everyday and would love to break that habit. you mentioned it's ok to rinse your hair in the shower and even use some conditioner. would you suggest daily conditioning or just a couple times per week? what about styling products and blow drying when you don't wash your hair? any tips appeciated.