January 21, 2010

Losing It?

Recently I've been getting questions from female clients about hair loss and thinning hair. There are several things that can cause hair loss.

Genes~ Female-pattern hair loss can be passed down from either your mom or dad.

Seasons~ Hair has a growth phase and a resting phase. Once it finishes the resting phase (which lasts 3 to 4 mo) the hair is shed. In winter and summer more hairs are resting so that means we lose more hair in spring and fall.

Stress~ Physical or emotional. Physical stress like childbirth or surgery. Emotional stress like divorces or the loss of a loved one. The shedding usually takes place 3 to 4 months after that time.

Diet~ Radical diets where you don't get enough protein can cause hair loss. Protein is needed to make keratin which makes up hair.

Hormones~ When estrogen drops as it does during menopause the hair shaft dries up and becomes finer which makes it vulnerable to breakage and/or shedding.

Illness~ Thyroid problems, lack of iron, lupus and polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) to name a few. Also, medications like the ones for lowering cholesterol

If you are seeing signifianct hair loss-more than 100 strands a day take a look at these causes and then check with your doctor.

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