February 8, 2010

Shear Genius 3-Episode1

My thoughts on the new season of Shear Genius
Matthew saying "google me"= VOM. I worked for Matthew right out of beauty school and 4 months in he quit/got fired by Charlie. He's not a bad hairdresser I just think he is a lot of smoke and mirrors-we'll see

Brig sweetie if you are going to rock a swim suit maybe a little spray tan-white skin shows all the flaws darlin

Janine was as cute as I thought she would be (I follow her salon on twitter) and I loved her runway hair-nice work little lady

Jon made me puke in my mouth a bit. Hate straight male hairdressers who think they are gods gift to women because they can do some hair-whatev!

Amy eh we'll have to wait and see

Adee- don't be such a drama king alright-No need to throw and kick shit

Everyone else slid under the radar so I will wait and see if their are any stand outs this week. I'm making my prediction for the final 3 right now


My good friend Charlie Price sent me a link his recap and well I pretty much agree with him. Here is the recap linky for his on Blogging Bravo. Enjoy!

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