April 2, 2010

Shear Genius 3

Well I called it from episode 1. Brig, Matthew and Janine for the final 3.
The first challenge was to do Camila's hair. Seriously what was with her 2 tone hair? We know she has the money to get those roots done and if she was trying to grow out her color there is a better way to do it than just not get color done YIKES! Brigs updo was a bad prom hairdo with all those loop d loops going on. Jon's was ok, but a bit of a mess with no volume in the crown where it should be. Janine's was cute and very her style and maybe not so much Camilla's. Matthew's was almost there. Why on earth does he always throw in a weird Matthew touch? The hair sticking out the side of the chignon was so stupid. Overall I guess his was the best out of them, but really they all were a bit sloppy.
Elimination challenge was to do 3 looks 2 on models and one on themselves. Brig went for over the top Avant Garde. So annoying. Avant Garde doesn't mean a shit pile on someones head. I do avant garde hair and I know it can be done neat and clean and still be avant garde. And why on earth didn't any judge mention she had a BOBBY PIN SHOWING. Hairdressing 101 no pins showing unless it's part of the style! How could she win the challenge with a giant pin in the FRONT showing? Guess the producers wanted her in the finale so much they were willing to overlook a rookie mistake like that.
Jon was almost there taking his thin hair girl and making here look great with lots of hair. If only he would have give his red head beautiful Hollywood waves he could have taken home the win and been in the finale instead of Brig.
Matthew what was up with the picture of himself? He has way more personality then that boring picture showed. His styles were good, but not great. I think the heavy bang on that dark hair model is a little played out. The blonde was pretty, but I didn't love so much curl. His Dolly from last week was better.
Janine. I loved her straight hair with the black to purple it's was very hip and really her. The fro she did was just a bit off. I think I would have liked to see it bigger and rounder. She should have won the challenge, but I guess the producers got Janine fatigue like they did with Charlie last year. I just hope it doesn't spill over into the finale and they crown the wrong person Shear Genius. I've picked Janine as my winner from episode 1. So I'm rooting for her!
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