March 12, 2010

Shear Genius 3

Things are heating up between Brig and Matthew and I love it!

This week the contestants had to do a precision cutting challenge-most failed. I find it sad that when faced with a challenge that happens every day in the salon so many couldn't step up. I teach all my new stylists that you have to master the basics before you break out of the box. I think several of these hairdressers went for out of the box and they are lackin some basic skills. And while I detest Brig I agree with her that Matthew is nearing the end of his tricks. I was very happy Janine won the short cut challenge. I picked her as my season 3 winner from the start. Brian-the dumb blonde routine is getting old! It's so time for you to leave-please! So I have to ask WTF is with Jon and his back pack? Is he Dora the Explorer?

I'm getting very disappointed in the elimination challenges not being more salon focused. Photoshoots are so NOT what most of us do everyday. And while it's great that Matthew wins the photoshoot and runway challenges it doesn't show that he can cut and color hair-You know what most of us do to pay the bills! Unless you are Orlando Pita you don't get paid or get paid very little to do photoshoots and fashion shows.

Looks like we'll be seeing Matthew for at least 2 more shows. I will laugh my butt off if he makes it to the final because that will mean the 2 hairdressers I assisted will have been Shear Genius finalist! Guess who needs to be on season 4 ;)

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