March 3, 2010

Shear Genius Season 3 epi 4

I'm back. The last 2 shows were so boring I couldn't bring myself to blog about them. This week was good.

First-when will the SG contestants learn that a wet set takes forever to dry. Really Janine you thought 35 min would be enough? We see it every season and every season someone has wet hair tryin to throw it up into a style.

April's little melt down was f'ing lame! If you get graduated bob as a challenge then do a graduated bob. I think she was scared to do it.

Brian is a little too hippy dippy for me. Looking in his eyes is like looking through a window. Leave already.

Not a bit sad to see Amy go. She was a wet blanket anyway.

Last-Really Bravo? Really? Brig won over Matthew with that craptastic up 3 hair do look! Oy vey! She is sticking around for 2 more weeks.

Remember friends hair is important *vomits*

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