April 2, 2010

Brazilian Blowout

Here is some awesome feed back from a new client who received a Brazilian Blowout from me.

Hi Shareena,
I was in almost three weeks ago for the Brazilian blowout, and my hair is still doing well! I thought you would want a little bit of feedback since the Brazilian Blowout is still a bit new. The first few days it was really straight (almost moreso than I usually like) and then it got a little bit of it's bounce/waves back. I was in Spain this past week, in some rainy and humid weather, and my hair was a little pooffy, but barely used a flat iron. Each day I can still get by with just blowdrying (which takes about 6 minutes compared to the 40 it took before!) and then maybe running a flat iron over it quickly if I really want a straight look, but since I usually leave my hair wavy there have been many days that I haven't used the flat iron at all! I am definitely happy with the results, and will be making an appointment to have it done again in another month or so. My life is so much easier now, I can't believe how much of a difference it makes!

Thank you!!


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  1. Okay, now you are just teasing me with this Brazillion Blowout stuff! NO FAIR! I want to live in Denver so I can get a Brazillion Blowout NOW! ::::pouts::::

    Wendy aka keeshondowner