April 9, 2009

Bangers and Fringe

It has come to my attention that some think bangs are dated. So today I'm doing an entire post just on Bangs (or fringe, as some call them). Love them or hate them, fringe is here to stay. And as various celebs hack off the hair around their faces the trend is only going to grow bigger not smaller. Now to the pics

Recent long bangers JLo

and Beyonce

Fierce shortie bangs Ms. Aguilera

and Gisele

Blunt fringe Lady Gaga

and Jessica Alba

There you have it. The fringe is in so if you don't trust me maybe you might trust these ladies!

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  1. Don't some people just look better with bangs?

  2. Yes anyone with a huge forehead really needs bangs. Brittney Spears comes to mind.

  3. People who think bangs are dated are stupid. =)

  4. christina aguilera's look the best in my opinion! great round up ^.^