April 21, 2009

Fun Haircolor-No Commitment Required

If you've ever wanted to try a fun haircolor (like pink or blue), but don't want to commit to it, then today's post is for you! The down side is that you have to already have light hair (sorry dark haired girls). You just need some pigment eye shadow (even regular eyeshadow will work).

If you have long hair like me then I suggest you put the pigment eyeshadow right on your hair (beware its kinda messy) and just rub it in. If you have short hair then you can mix it into your styling product. I liked the way it mixed into Being Rubber by Rusk and Sticky Business by Kevin Murphy. I tried the mixed into product stuff on my hair and it didn't really work on long hair. There you go fun haircolor that washes out the next time you shampoo!
Here is the pigment eyeshadow I mixed into different products


  1. If you want to make your hair say blue or pink then you put pigment eyeshadow on blonde pieces and they will become that color.

  2. Do you every have problems with the color NOT washing out? Way back when, I gave myself permanent pink streaks from "semi-permanent" products more than once.