April 21, 2009

What? No Jaclyn Smith

Bravo gave her the cut for season 3 of Shear Genius and now Matthew McConaughey's baby mama is hosting. What? How on earth did she get that gig?

"Get your scissors sharpened and brush up on your layering techniques, Shear Genius fans, Season 3 is on its way with new host Camila Alves.

The Bravo show, which pits wannabe hair stylists against each other in the salon for a $100,000 prize, was hosted by Jaclyn Smith in the past.

Camila will take on her new hosting duties in the upcoming season, and will be assisted by judges Kim Vo and reality show veteran Jonathan Antin. Jonathan starred on his own show, Blow Out, which revolved around daily life in his salons in L.A. He’s also the brother of Pussycat Dolls’ founder Robin Antin.

Maybe Levi’s daddy Matthew McConaughey will stop by with that mane of golden curls for a touch-up! Tune in this season to find out!"

[From OK! Magazine]

And gag that Jonathan Antin is joining the crew. How many times do you think we will see him cry on camera? Maybe they can show him a barcode or two to turn on those water works. First you lose Project Runway now this. BRAVO what the hell are you guys doing over there? Oh well, I'll still watch what happens :)

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  1. What has become of this nation if Wonder Woman can be so easily pushed aside? I'm moving to Canada (or wherever they appreciate timeless, elegant, golden-lasso-wielding women).

  2. Jonathan Antin is coming back! Oh help us all!