March 19, 2009


The tools needed for a good blow-dry
-Kevin Murphy Staying Alive Leave in conditioner
-Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity Volumiser

2. Good Blow-dryer like the Chi Rocket
You need heat and tension for a smooth blowdry.
Read my post on Blowdryers for some more good ones.
3. Brush; mine is an Aveda ceramic brush. I like ceramic brushes because they heat up and that helps smooth the hair
4. Something to clip up sections of the hair.

I section my hair into 2 sections front and back and I work from bottom to top. If you do it this way, you don't have to clip up what you've already done.
The finer the hair the thicker the sections can be. If you have really coarse hair you're going to want to take pretty thin sections so you can get all they way to the root.

I do the front first because it's most important (also, if you get tired on the back it's doesn't matter as much).

If you want more volume at the top then have the hair cool
down around rollers.
I love velcro rollers (avaliable at target or any beauty supply) because you don't need clips to hold them in and they don't leave marks in the hair.

There you go a quick smooth blowdry.
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  1. Love the tips - keep 'em coming!!! And BTW, you seriously look more gorgeous every time I see you! We need to get together soon!