March 14, 2009

Daily Washing

So many clients ask "how often should I be washing my hair?" My answer is a couple of times a week at most. I know, I know your hair gets greasy right? Well have you ever considered that you might be over washing it and therefore robbing it of the natural oils? Yes, that's right people over washing can actually make your hair even greasier in the long run. What happens is you strip off the oil and your sebaceous glands say "no oil must make more must make more." Then you say "oh my hair is greasy so I need to wash it." Then the sebaceous glands say...
Ok so you get the idea. So how does one go from washing everyday to just a couple of times per week. Well first, start off by going every other day and on the day you don't wash you can try using a dry shampoo like this Rene Furterer one
or if you're real cheap you can try baby powder, but use sparingly so you don't get white roots. Try it for 2 weeks if things don't improve after 2 weeks then you might be in the minority of people who really do have oily hair. If things get better after 2 weeks then try going longer. I know how you feel. I was a daily washer until I went to beauty school. Now I wash when I can't remember the last time I washed my hair was. Good luck!

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  1. What if I work out every morning and my hair gets really sweaty in addition to greasy from every day - should I still try to wash every other day?

  2. Ah the workout hair. See if you can away with just rinsing it. When my hair was very short I had to wet it down every day because I had some crazy bed head. I still on washed it a couple of times a week

  3. Can you tell us how much this product costs and where we can get it? I've tried the B&B dry shampoo, and I wasn't a fan (I love my B&B products)... Thanks, Shareena!

  4. Sephora for $24
    I've gotten good reviews from people on the Oscar Bondi one and you can get that at Sephora as well 1.4oz for $11 or 3.2oz for $21

  5. I have a short bob and it seems like there's no way I can get away without washing and restyling everyday, unless I'm not leaving the house. When you had short hair, did you rinse it in the shower or just spray it down with water to restyle it?

  6. When I had short hair I did wet it down everyday because I get CRAZY bedhead! If I was taking a shower then I just rinsed it out in there and sometimes I would throw a little cond. in there and then rinse out. If I wasn't showering then I would just spray it down.