March 28, 2009

Let's Talk Layers

Are you the girl who always says "um yeah, no layers I just can't style layers"? Well my friends, that's because you've been getting bad layers. Layers shouldn't make hair harder to style - they should make it easier. Do you think someone like Jennifer Aniston has a hard time styling her layers on the days she does her own hair? NO! Because she has a great haircut with WELL BLENDED layers (yes I'm yelling). Chunky layers are a nightmare and you can flatiron them until your hair burns off, but they are never going to look good. Now I'm not telling you that you need to spend $600 to get a great cut , but I am telling you that it's going to cost you more than 15 bucks. Do yourself a favor and splurge on a great cut and then tell me you can't tell a difference between what you get for say $65 and what you get for $15. Getting my first real cut at age 19 was like the first time I bought a real leather handbag. I loved that buttery soft leather and knew I could never go back to that cheap plastic crap. I understand that you might not always be able to get the expensive cut - heck I still carry my cheap bags once in a while. But leave the real cutting to your experienced cutter. If you need to sneak in a $15 trim here and there we understand. But I will say with a great cut you might find you can actually go longer between appointments. I get mine cut about every 6 months (ooops did I say that out loud?)

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  1. Hey Shareena, I have two questions.

    1) Even when I go to a fancy salon, and ask for more layers, even demonstrating with my hands or bringing a picture, why WHYYYYY do I always end up with the same exact cut I came into the salon with? It's getting really old and frustrating!

    2) This is from one of your earlier posts, but hey, I'm here so I might as well post it now. I, too, am one of those people who does not wash my hair everyday. However, I noticed in a lot of your posts you use a lot of styling products. How do you balance the product buildup with not washing your hair? I cannot seem to get this to work, and only use products when I know I'll wash my hair the next day.

  2. I don't know why you would not get what you are asking for. You might try saying "I want a noticeable change in my style when I leave". Also, finding a skilled cutter who does what you like is hard. I'm sad to say, but there are tons of hacks out there even in high end salons. I would know I've worked with a few.
    As for products most are water soluble so if you just rinse your hair out in the shower w/o washing it that can get most of the product out. Really though I NEVER have a problem with product build up. I actually don't use very much even if I use 3 things.

  3. So how much would you expect a "good" haircut to cost in SF? I am so tired of paying $75 plus tip for a cut that looks only marginally different than if I handed my husband a pair of scissors and a straightedge and then I added a few layers to just the front afterward. Also, the last time I asked for bangs (in August), the very highly recommended stylist refused! As you might have noticed from seeing me, I haven't gone back...

  4. Ah, this is what my problem is! Chunky layers! Thanks for posting this. Just knowing the jargon/terminology will help in getting the cut I want.

  5. Tiki
    I'm gonna guess in your area around $85 or so. I know that is what SFgirl on tFH pays. And why on earth did a stylist refuse to cut bangs? Weird.