March 1, 2009

Coaxing Out Some Wave

I'm a girl with fine to medium hair texture, but I have tons and tons of it. After having 2 kids my once straight hair now has some natural wave in it. I have tried several product combination trying to get it to stay wavy and not look like junk once it's dry. Most products are made for coarse curly hair which leaves a fine hair girl like me looking more like a drowned rat than having sexy beachy waves. I have found that a light weight curl cream works the best when I combine it with a curl enhancing spray. I like my hair soft and curly not crunchy curly that is why I avoid any type of gel. Crunchy curly brings be back to my 80's perm days when I would spray the crap out of my hair with Aussie Sprunch Spray. Ick!

The How To

First, I started with a light weight leave in conditioner, Staying Alive by Kevin Murphy. I always start with this since I live in DRY Colorado. I followed that up with the Abba Pure Curl Prep spray and then the Loreal Professional Texture Expert Elasticite (curl enhancing cream).

This is after I have scrunched the product in my hair. I haven't combed anything but my bangs since I will be wearing them straight. From here I will diffuse my hair on low.

This is all dry after diffusing.

Next I put in 2 drops of Aveda smoothing fluid just to smooth things out and then spray it with the Kevin Murphy Session Spray to hold it.

Last I touch up some of the straighter curls with my curl stick by wrapping about mid length to the end down around the stick. I alternated forward and backward. You don't want perfect curls otherwise they look out of place with the rest.

The finished look. Yeah if you thought this was going to be an easy wash and go style sorry not gonna happen. I takes more work for me to wear it "curly" then it does for me to blow it out straight, but isn't it cute!

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  1. It IS cute! I have similar hair to you, curly but very fine. I've never gotten it to look cute like yours, but now i know the secret. Not sure I'll actually take the time, but now I know! VERY cute!!!

    And I need to grow my hair out too lol!

  2. I love it. Wish I could do that to mine. I have no wave though. Boohoo!

  3. I wonder if this would work for Brynn...but what's a curl stick?

  4. curl stick is a curling iron w/o the clamp on it. mine also goes from fat to skinny. you can use a curling iron as well just hold the clamp open.